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    ROOMS Availability


    From 8/23 Dark Green Room will be avilable!
    From 9/13 Navy Blue Room will be available!
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  • Modern Amenities

    Comfort and style

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    Spacious Living/Dining

    connect and relax

    Whether you want to relax in front of the TV or have a meal with friends, this is the place to relax! 

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    Media Corner

    get work done

    A cozy place where you can work on your laptop or just spread out and get some work done.


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    Modern system kitchen

    2 fridges in the easy-to-use kitchen

    We provide the basics for you too! 

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    3 vanities

    have a seat and get ready for the day

    1 upstairs, and 2 downstairs in the powder room. You won't have to wait in line to get pretty.

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    2 full baths and toilets

    2 bathrooms with changing rooms

    Shower or bath, have it your way and take your time! 2 toilets for 7 people: those are some good odds!

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    Simple utilities

    Each room with it's own panel heater!

    Utility fees are shared between residents and there are panel heaters in each room. Panel heaters as well as an air conditioning unit (coming soon) in the living room.

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    Stay connected!

    "No wifi no life" is what they say in Japan. 

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    Spacious Storage

    Each room has a spacious storage area!

    Typically, Japanese residences have small closets that are hard to work with. Since we've struggled with that too, we've made each closet huge so you don't have to!

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    Furniture Included

    Each room includes stylish and comfortable furniture!

    A cozy bed, comfortable chair and easy-to-use desk make setting your life up at Blossom as easy as pie! 

  • This old salon has been resurrected.

    We went to great lengths to rebuild Blossom right, just like a new house. 

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    Insulation & Walls

    A world of difference! 

    We worked extra hard to make sure we could keep the house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We've redone all the walls to keep the noise down as well. This should help your utilities to stay reasonable too!

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    New and effective! 

    New inner windows mean that you can stay comfortable and keep unwanted noise out.

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    We rebuilt the floors, walls, support beams and everything structural.

    Blossom is fully rebuilt according to the safest and strictest building standards.

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    Piping & Electrical

    Clean and reliable!

    Today, we use a lot more electronics than people did even 10 years ago. Each room has at least 2 double power outlets, and the larger ones have 3. There is also brand new piping, toilets and unit baths which were completely refitted at renovation. Each room is fitted with LED downlights as well. 

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    Modern heating

    Each room has it's own built-in panel heater!

    Keep your utility fees low with great insulation and self-controllable panel heaters.

  • Available Rooms

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    Dark Blue Room

    8.91 square meters / 95.9 square feet (Currently Unavailable)

    A cozy room with 2 windows and a bright, natural feeling. Convenient access and a great price! 37,000 yen per month.

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    Yellow Room

    9.32 square meters / 100 square feet (Currently Unavailable)

    With a refreshingly large window and easy access to the kitchen, bathrooms and powder room, this room is the most convenient in the house! 36,000 yen per month.

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    Light Green Room

    12.96 square meters / 139.5 square feet. (Currently Unavailable)

    The largest room of the house, with 2 windows bringing in amazing light. A spacious closet and great access to all of the amenities make this room amazingly comfortable. 49,000 yen per month.

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    Light Blue Room

    11.75 square meters / 126.5 square feet (Currently Unavailable)

    One of the largest rooms, having a huge closet and bringing in a lot of natural light for a warm, natural feel. 47,000 yen per month.

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    Orange Room

    10.11 square meters / 108.8 square feet (Currently Unavailable)

    A spacious room 10.11 square meters / 108.8 square with a western-facing window that brings in great light alfeet (Currently Unavailable)l day long. One of the largest closets too! 40,000 yen per month.

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    Dark Green Room

    8.51 square meters / 91.6 square feet (available from 2023/8/23)

    With 2 large windows and a spacious setting, this room offers some of the best views in the house. Wake up looking out towards Mt. Teine! 36,000 yen per month.

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    Navy Blue Room

    8.51 square meters / 91.6 square feet (available from 2023/9/13)

    A beautiful room with extra-high ceilings, space and sunlight in the afternoons and evenings. 36,000 yen per month.

    Management Fees

    In order to provide excellent service, cleaning and supplies for you, there is a 6,000 yen management fee per resident per month.

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    Floorplan - 1F

    Find your dream room! 

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    Floorplan - 2F

    Or is your dream room upstairs?



    Who can live at Blossom?

    Blossom is a sharehouse designed for young ladies who can speak English and/or Japanese. To maintain peace and harmony, there are a few rules we’ve put together that we require each of the residence to follow. We do have an interview process to ensure potential residents will be suitable for Blossom as well.


    Are there any age limitations?

    There aren’t any age limitations per-se, but Blossom has been designed to be a community centered around women in their 20s and 30s.


    How do the contracts work?

    We are open to residents looking to live longer than 1 month, and contracts are renewed yearly.


    When can I apply?

    For those looking to move in within a month, if the room you prefer is available, you can apply at any time.

    For those looking to move in at a later date, or to a specific room, you can apply 2 months before the current contract completes. Each room’s current contract’s end dates are visible on the “details” page.


    What do I need to make a contract?

    Please submit your passport copy. (You can make a copy at convenience store near by.)


    How much will it cost to get started?

    The initial security deposit is 20,000 yen, and the applicant is also required to pay the initial 2 months rent and management fees. The 20,000 deposit is non-refundable in the case of cancellation.


    What is included in the management fees?

    Cleaning and supplies for the shared spaces, including toilet paper and soap, as well as necessary maintenance of the furniture and appliances.


    Do I need to find a guarantor?

    You don’t need a guarantor, but please write your emergency contact on your contract.


    How does payment for rent + management fees work?

    Rent and management fees are paid at the end of the month for the next month. Typically, residents pay to our bank account until the 28th of each month.


    How does payment for utilities work?

    Utilities (gas, electricity, water, propane) are split equally between the residents each month. Residents will pay the managers using the prescribed method each month.


    Who handles the cleaning?

    Management handles cleaning of the shared spaces (bathrooms, bath/showers, hallways, vanity spaces, living/dining/kitchen area) once per week. But the general rule is that residents clean up after themselves and keep their own spaces clean as well.


    Who handles the trash/recycling?

    Sapporo has a monthly calendar describing what type of garbage is to be thrown out on which day. Residents are responsible for sorting their waste appropriately into the shared spaces, and the daily garbage schedules will be decided and assigned to residents.


    Is parking available?

    There is one spot on the property for guests/moving/unloading/management, but more permanent/long-term parking is available nearby for a small monthly fee. There are various options within eye-sight of the house, and we can help you rent a space there if you need help.



    Is smoking allowed?

    Smoking is not allowed inside the building, but there is an assigned smoking space outside. Smokers are requested to clean up after themselves and be aware not to bother others.


    Will I need to bring furniture or appliances?

    Each room has a desk, chair, bed, lighting (ceiling and lamp), curtains, and heater provided for the resident. The shared spaces have everything you’ll need as well, including fridge, oven, vacuum, dish rack, dishes/cutlery, sofa, television, etc. Residents will need to bring their own futon and blankets/pillow for use with the bed. Rental futon sets including pillows and sheets are available at request as well (5,000yen).


    Am I allowed to bring friends or family over?

    As Blossom is designed to be a women-only sharehouse, residents are requested not to bring male guests over to the house individually, though there will be times for events where this will be fine. To avoid trouble and bothering other residents, please inform other residents the day before you will be bringing guests over. In the event you would like to have a family member or guest stay over in your room, please contact the management.


    Can we use the Living/Dining/Kitchen area 24 hours a day?

    Yes, but to avoid conflict, quiet hours throughout the house begin at 10 PM.

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